Church Support

Evangelical Relief and Development Agency offers support to all the churches in the region

Recognizing the work of the Evangelical churches in Southeast Europe, their needs to increase their capacity and often insufficient number of human and financial resources, and the constant need for better coordination and education in different fields of social engagement, ERA offers support to all the churches in the region through:

  • educational trainings and courses in the field of humanitarian work
  • education in writing and submitting projects
  • logistical support
  • support in coordination and communication
  • support in the field work during projects
  • strengthening local churches’ capacity (material and financial) in implementing various activities
  • translating materials to and from foreign languages
  • developing corporative strategy together with other churches in Southeast Europe
  • offering legal support for the churches
  • developing analysis and statistics for the local churches
  • communication with the media
  • helping churches build relationships with local and national government, educational institutions, and the NGO sector
  • helping churches network in Europe and globally

Through this support, the ERA has the goal to empower churches in Southeast Europe so they can fulfill their God-given calling to serve their communities.