Serving people in need in all walks of life, and contributing to the increase of quality of life, locally, nationally, globally.

The Evangelical Relief Agency is an interdenominational and international platform for humanitarian and development projects prompted by perceived needs of people in our communities in southeastern Europe, and a deep commitment to the desire to see God’s kingdom and will be done on Earth. The platform has the twofold goal and purpose of promoting and protecting basic human rights, contained in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and development of local and national community through projects directed at strengthening individuals, churches, non-government and government organizations. ERA bases its activities on Gospel values, which includes humanity and love of people, justice and equality, freedom and tolerance, democracy and equal possibility, peacemaking and non-violence, interculturality and social awareness, which contribute to the improvement of human life.

A world in which every person lives with dignity and lives out their full potential.